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Sale Coins

Would you like to sell coins yourself?

We will give you advice on how to determine your coin collection based on crucial factors, such a it's rareness and condition as well as the coin's history.


Dear Visitor,

you are holding a collection of rare coins in your hands and do not know anything about it? Or you even consider selling without knowing about it's actual value?

Me, that's Doctor Werner Pötter, will try to give you a first impression on how to evaluate a collector's coin. I hope the following sentences as well as some other blog entries will help you out.

Let me briefly introduce myself:

As a professional doctor I was formerly self-employed by owning my own practical office and now work as an employed doctor for occupational medicine. Besides my highly demanding professional career and it's fulfilling tasks I follow my passion as a coin collector for more than 30 years. Starting at youth age I only had a tight budget at first. By gaining more experience in the field of rare coins I expanded my collection on a continuous basis and can now say that I am successful trader as well since 2017. Some of the very rare and exclusive coins you can see in my web shop. Furthermore, you can also see references from previous customers by just clicking on "references" in the headline.

[SOON TO BE FOLLOWED] Please see my blog entries "Evaluate a coin" and "Sell coins via auctions" for further knowledge.

If you like to take me a look at your collection or just single coins please do not hesitate to contact me. Just click on "Contact us" and fill in the form. If you read my blog entries you know that a coin's value lies to a big extent on it's condition. To better give a first indication it would be best if you could provide useful pictures after contacting me. Though it's rather unlikely that you possess single coins which value a few thousand Euros without knowing, I can say from my experience that there're sometimes lying treasures for years without anybody knowing about it's true value. 

Thanks for you interest so far. I hope we get in touch soon about your collection or just your interest in gaining experience in the field of collecting coins. From time to time I make people an offer for their collection. However, I would like to emphasize that asking for valuation is not binding in any case!

Hear from you soon!

Kindest regards

Dr. Pötter